At Dovetail Wealth Management, we strive to provide our clients the best financial advice and service. As part of that effort, we established our firm as an SEC registered investment advisor. This is an important milestone representing the growth and success of our clients and our firm. It means that the advice and services you receive are provided to you directly through your relationship with Dovetail Wealth Management and your advisor.

To act as custodian for your advisory and brokerage accounts, we have selected LPL Financial which is the largest independent broker dealer in the country*. We elected LPL based on their scale and services.


The name Dovetail harkens back to when my wife, Ann, and I were newlyweds. We were on a very tight budget and living in an apartment in Dallas. We could only afford the free TV that our television’s rabbit ears could harness, meaning we enjoyed four channels, one of which was PBS. One of my favorite shows was the New Yankee Workshop featuring Norm Abrams. As you may recall, Norm would show the viewers how to build furniture. One of the recurring themes was watching him build a piece of furniture that required a drawer. There are many ways to build a drawer and have it stay together. You can use screws, pegs, or you can do it with graceful joinery. The graceful joinery is the DOVETAIL joint. It joins two pieces of wood together in a simple and incredibly strong joint. The DOVETAIL joint is not only functional, it symbolizes beauty and the skill of the craftsman. I often think about our role in our client’s financial lives.

Each client or family has their own unique story, complete with a set of circumstances and vision of what they want to achieve. Dovetail is joining your wealth with your aspirations. That is what we have sought to do for the last 20 years and will continue to do going forward.

* As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996 -2018, based on total revenue.